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Marisa Zattini
“Secret Places” for Monica-2010                                                                    back

Tying word to things, images to dreams, colours to emotions in a rarefied silence.
Privileged places because invented and unreal if not beyond the threshold of the real for the hard logics of the final and primary meaning of things.
That in the ‘painting’ of Monica Spada is an essential and necessary becoming. The giving of pauses, breaks, states of quietness platonically paraded. “The “misery” of greatness or the pettiness of the being. Sensitive and secret places whispered in an imaginary tale, that strictly faithful to itself has been cut out and performed in clean, pure and veritable cyclic dimensions in the last twenty years. Monica Spada has defined the borders of her architectures and has given them back to the equivalence of the sensible values of a poetical gaze on the meaning of a time of the soul.

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No overturns, no special effects: only truth and desire. The permanence of an ancient wisdom. The deposition of the real in favour of an appeasing fantasy. Giving an identity to put on hold the logics of the meaning. The “physical” quality of things has disappeared as well as passion and lust: everything has been reabsorbed, purified, distilled and measured. Only the “scent” of the heart of things is left, the emotional impact between finite and infinity beyond the threshold of the visible. And it is exactly there that our destinies are solved, in the bodiless skill to “dodge” the present. Monica Spada exists and resists in the time of contemplation, in the sign of a past which marks the surface of the living present, in order to be purely and simply beyond.
Measuring new frontiers beyond the horizon. You can breathe the freedom of a magical and spiritual inwardness. An altered state pertaining only to art. The exact contrary of our frenzied being and living. The bodiless steam coning from the rising containers of sleepers has left the space to livid skies and purple atmospheres, sometimes perfectly shaped to give consistence-existence to the invisible. To look out onto the interiors of her world means to accept to enter Alice’s mirror, to go up and down, to fly and over-fly…latent worlds. Virtue here is in its supreme domain.
The state of things in her refined paintings is made of special particles full of meanings which imply consequences. Thus, in that cosmic order which links men and animals, we can perceive a nature in need of pure order.
The meaning in Monica’s art lies in the desire of a fundamental and universal role of a conscious and watchful life ethics. Mental existences for a new sense of space.
Perception follows a moral code, expressed by the substance of things which spread, according to Gilles Deleuze, “in that circle along the border between propositions and things”.
In this man-animal duality lays the latent dialogue of the underworld ghosts. A state of impenetrable con-substantiated quietness.

Marisa Zattini

Translation Angela Lombardi
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