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ritratto della pittrice Monica Spada
Monica Spada was born in 1959 in Forlì, Italy where she still lives and works. Her relationship with images started in the early ‘80s when she was a photographer and began experimenting on them employing the medium of painting. She then started her painting career in 1985 and her relationship with this medium became more binding when she met a group of artists from Romagna The group, at the time, was called “ECLIPSE” in which the artists tried, in a time strongly characterized by conceptual art and transavantgarde, to recuperate the figure. Her career has followed, since then, a very personal and intimate path and she had not show her work for a long time, until 1994, when she took part to her first group show “THE DIFFERENCE” curated by the artist Enrico Lombardi and sponsored by the City of Meldola, a little town near Forlì. From that time on Monica has steadily continued to show her work in both one-man shows, among which “Before the Form”, 2001-“In the Dream of Space”, 2005 – “Interiors and Figures”, 2006 and “Looking Out” in 2010 at the VICOLO Contemporary Art Gallery in Cesena and group shows in Italy, among which “Figures”, 1998 – “The Portrait of the memory of the Shoah”, 2005 – “Labyrinth: myth, building, dance”, 2006 – “Vit’Arte, 2009 – 90x90 …thinking about Tonino Guerra”, 2010. The magazine Arte Mondadori published in April 2000 a full-feature article on her work. In the last few years she started a close collaboration with the Gallery “Vicolo” and her owner Marisa Zattini who has often invited her to group shows and published her works on the magazine “Graphie”.In 2011 she took part to a group show at the Blackheath Gallery in London and in 2012 she was invited to the “Biennial of the Chiese Laiche” which featured, in one of the most prestigious art places in Romagna, a selection of both regional and national artists.

The following artists, writers and philosophers have written about her work: Francesco Giardinazzo, Enrico Lombardi, GianRuggero Manzoni, Rocco Ronchi and Marisa Zattini.



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